contemporary ceramics


Art is in everything, and everything on this site was created with that knowledge.



To give life to our works, we model everything by hand without the use of molds


after having carried out the first firing at 1045 C ° we proceed to the decoration with engobes made by us


we coat the sculptures with crystalline to fix the colors permanently and proceed with the second firing at 955 C °, which can be followed by a third firing at 710 C ° if luster gold is applied.


To imagine a world that doesn't exist

who we are

Roberto Fugnanesi was born in 1965 in Sigillo, in the upper Umbria, and graduated in 1983 from the Agricultural Technical Institute of Fabriano. He attends the Faculty of Agriculture degree course in Forestry Sciences in Florence. He cultivated a passion for painting since he was young, participated in several impromptu painting, some solo and group exhibitions over time. He worked for several years as a sales manager in a company that produces ceramic, Umbrian Artistic Ceramics. In 2002 he decided to engage himself in ceramic production with the desire to overcome and renew tradition, founding an artisan ceramic workshop based on continuous research and innovation of forms and technical procedures. In 2009 he was included in the catalog of the international competition of the "Triennale della Ceramica"of Gualdo Tadino with two works. Catia Ceccacci, born in Gubbio, graduated from the local Art Institute in the art of ceramics. After that she graduated in Art History at the University of Perugia, and then specialized at the School of Specialization in Historical Artistic Heritage at the University of Siena. For several years she has dealt with Renaissance terracotta sculpture of central Italy, with particular attention to the art of the Della Robbia, creating various publications and collaborations in various exhibitions on the subject. She met Roberto in 2008 and in 2011 she entered into business with him. Together they started in a nineteenth century building in the historic center of Sigillo, a two-person activity in the pursuit of beauty and novelty, creating artifacts, in shapes and colors, completely by hand, without the aid of molds, so that each object becomes unique. Living in a foothill area, in the natural park of Monte Cucco, surrounded by mountains and hills, Catia and Roberto dream of the sea and reinvent it with imagination and irony. The fish are dressed in strange shapes, sometimes bizarre and funny, others refined, with bright colors, and become individual and characterized presences. While the characters and bathers are ironic reworkings and reflections on the defects, types and attitudes of people on the beach or in different circumstances. Works capable of arousing questions and emotions, which testify to all the passion and fun employed by the two artists in making them.


Turn your passions into art

the breath of the territory enters the thought of our sculptures



Via Ercole Ronconi 3

Sigillo PG




La partecipazione alle fiera HOMI MILANO 2020 tenutasi dal 24 gennaio 2020 al 27 gennaio 2020 è stata realizzata con il sostegno dei Fondi “POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 – Az. 3.3.1 – Avviso Pubblico per partecipazione Progetto di internazionalizzazione 2019-2020

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Our participation in the HOMI trade fair in January - September 2016 , January - September 2017 and January-September 2018 was made possible by the contribution of the following institutions:

L’intervento è stato realizzato con il sostegno dei Fondi “POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 – Az. 3.3.1 – Avviso Pubblico per partecipazione Progetto di internazionalizzazione 2018”